As the health care system prepares for and responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, many steps are being taken to ensure adequate staffing levels in facilities across the province. This includes measures that are designed to an ensure effective response by allowing employers to redeploy staff to areas of highest need, and still respect the terms of the existing collective agreements and provide for additional compensation to affected staff as required.

Please be advised a Memorandum of Agreement has been reached regarding the redeployment of staff within or between employers. This agreement has been reached with multiple health care unions, including MNU. Click here to read a draft copy of the MOA.

Specifically, the MOA is intended to provide clarity to members regarding the terms of a temporary transfer situation. Please note the MOA is now in effect and will continue in the event a public health emergency or disaster is declared by the government. As per point two (2) of the MOA, members will be continued to be protected by the terms of their collective agreement and the MOA in the event of an emergency declaration.

The MOA ensures that all MNU members will be afforded financial protection and compensation for disruptions related to a temporary transfer. For example, affected staff will receive a work disruption allowance, including for situations where the change in commuting distance is less than 49 kilometres. Additional protections include guarantees for meals and accommodations as required, and reimbursement for mileage at a rate commensurate with the terms of the collective agreement. Please read the MOA for more information.

At this time, the provincial government continues to advise that the risk to Manitobans remains low, and significant redeployment has not yet occurred. However, this remains a rapidly changing situation, and therefore every measure must be taken to ensure employers and staff are prepared for redeployments as necessary.

On behalf of MNU, we thank you for your commitment to caring during this difficult time. The health care system needs you, and Manitobans are counting on us to be part of an effective response. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and the union representatives will be available to assist you as required.

MOA Redeployment of Staff (PDF)

Improving Care with Workload Staffing Reports

Have you used the workload staffing report? Watch the video below to learn more about the importance of WSRs for addressing workload issues and improving patient care.

Posted by Manitoba Nurses Union on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

MNU Local 10 Executive will be delivering the new forms to all Units. If you do not receive yours, or you require more, please contact the Local 10 office at 204-783-4338. If required, Educational sessions can be arranged for on the Units by calling the Local 10 office at 204-783-4338.

The Employer has recently circulated a memo to all staff nurses regarding voluntary payout of summer vacation.