Mandatory Overtime

Mandatory Overtime Form

There is always confusion as to what constitutes mandatory overtime, but it is when an out of scope manager directs a specific nurse to work more than scheduled hours. All avenues must be exhausted prior to mandating overtime.
It is understood in the instances below – the nurses mandated to stay must have worked minimum of 7.75 hour shift

  • A full time nurse can be mandated from home via telephone
  • A full time nurse currently on duty can be mandated to stay
  • A part time nurse currently on duty can be mandated to stay
  • A casual nurse currently on duty can be mandated to stay
  • A full time nurse who is not currently on duty can be mandated to report for work
  • All part time nurses have been offered additional available shift time
  • Casuals were offered time

When a nurse agreed to work a four (4) hour shift for the Employer, they have not met the threshold for overtime pay, therefore should not be mandated from the four (4) hour shift.
Voluntary overtime of qualified nurses – regardless of home unit and or occupational classification

Please notify Local 10 if you have been mandated to work overtime. These incidents are compiled for reference.

If you are mandated, please supply our office with this information; Name; date; Unit; class; EFT and shift – Also who mandated the nurse.

Very specific circumstances must be met if refusing to work mandated overtime;

  • Exhausted, compromise patient care
  • Physical health (duty to accommodate)
  • Specific child care issues to name a few

If you elect to refuse mandated overtime you can be placed at risk for discipline from the Employer (please contact Local 10 so circumstances may be reviewed and Union support provided).