Article 11 Joint Committees

Union Management

Meets monthly at HSC – joint committee that includes the President from the Union, 3 Employer representatives and 2-3 members from the union. This committee meets to discuss issues of mutual concern. Current members are Lana Penner (Local 10 President); Kathleen Stark, Carina Kirk and Janet Zorica as Union Representatives.

Staff Management

Committee with representatives from all Unions at HSC plus members of HSC Executive meet and discuss issues of mutual concerns. This committee meets quarterly.

NAC – Nursing Advisory Committee

A joint committee with representatives from both the Union and the Employer. Currently at HSC we strive to meet monthly. Current members are Lana Penner (Local 10 President); Lisa Erickson and Lydia Danilis as union representatives. This Committee reviews and makes recommendations relative to unresolved issues regarding workload and staffing, including review of WSR’s. This committee provides a forum for discussion and make recommendations on issues relative to nursing professional practice such as nursing standards, nursing functions, physical planning and layout of facilities as they relate to nursing and other areas of concern.

NAC is also the venue that reviews increased EFT’s awards for Local 10.

Issues relative to staffing and scheduling, prolonged periods of work (consecutive hours and shifts), standby assignments, use of part time additional available shifts to well as casual shifts, agency nurse utilization, overtime hours and vacancies are discussed.