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The role of Local 10 is to provide information and support to our members. We also work jointly with our Employer to ensure the Collective Agreement is interpreted and implemented in accordance with its provisions.

Union Presidents HSC Tour

Local President Lana Penner and Provincial President Darlene Jackson have recently participated in a facilities wide tour combined with a meet and greet at the General Centre.
Due to some unanticipated challenges, we were not able to fully complete the walking tour missing most of the General Centre Units. We do plan to reschedule another date in the near future to ensure that we included as many units; areas as possible.
It was a great experience for Darlene and she relished the opportunity to view our Units, and meet and speak with a number of our Local members.
What we noted, no matter which area or unit was the frenzied constant activity.
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your patients and profession.
You are all valued!!!!
We would also thank each member that took the time to speak with us and we do look forward to future interactions in the days and months ahead.
In Solidarity,
Lana Penner



A Tribute to Sandi Mowat

Sandi Mowat served as President of the Manitoba Nurses Union for the past 10 years. Although she is retiring from the role on June 30, 2018, she is leaving a profound and lasting legacy that will benefit nurses and patients for many years to come.Before serving as President, Mowat spent the majority of her nursing career in the E.R. department at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre as a Clinical Resource Nurse and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. She also worked as a General Duty Nurse in the HSC Haemodialysis Unit, and as a result of her leadership, was the recipient of the HSC Nursing Excellence Award.Mowat was first elected to the MNU Board in 1999; she was elected Vice-President in 2003 and President in 2008. An experienced negotiator, she represented HSC as their bargaining rep on the Provincial Collective Bargaining Committee for a number of years. As a provincial nurses' union leader, she represented her members on the ER Task Force, the Joint Nursing Council, the Manitoba Nursing Advisory Council and the Winnipeg Hospital/Health Care Regional Nursing Advisory Committee.Sandi's career featured a long-list of accomplishments. She worked with MCHCU to protect pensions and was instrumental in achieving a jointly funded COLA fund for all health care workers. Furthermore, she represents nurses on a joint implementation committee, which was formed to research and develop a model for the implementation of COLA and to make recommendations to the HEB Board of Trustees as to a COLA model and its implementation.Mowat will leave a lasting legacy on MNU and our health care system. Her commitment to improving work place safety for nurses and has worked closely with the provincial government to redefine health and safety protection in health care facilities. In 2011, she successfully lobbied the government to improve health and safety legislation. The result was strengthened abuse free regulations supported by the protection and enforcement of provincial law. She also served as the co-chair of an Advisory Group on Violence Prevention, a committee that reviews workplace security issues in health care and identifies new initiatives to strengthen safety and security for all health workers. In 2015, she successfully lobbied to have Manitoba be the first province to include nurses in presumptive PTSD legislation, along with firefighters and police.In 2013, The Canadian Federation of Nurses Union gave her its most prestigious honour: the Bread and Roses Award. The award recognizes outstanding nurse leaders who contribute to policy and decision-making, and enhance public awareness of nursing and health care.This video was created to recognize Mowat's achievements as President, and her profound impact on Manitoba's health care system.Thank you Sandi, for everything!

Posted by Manitoba Nurses Union on Friday, June 29, 2018

Published May 10, 2018

A Few Details Confirmed……”

Manitoba Nurses Union 2018 Education Conference

Applications must be received in Local 10 office no later than…….


Rally at the Legislative Building

PUT PATIENTS FIRST! Now, more than ever before, it is important we speak out against health care cuts. Together we are louder and stronger — we will make our voices heard!

Posted by Manitoba Nurses Union on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

TEAM MNU walks for Lace up for Diabetes

Big thanks to Team MNU for coming out to Diabetes Canada’s Lace Up for Diabetes on a windy morning! We are proud to support this important cause.


The MNU Local 10 AGM was held March 15th, 2018 at the Victoria Inn. Fifty five (55) voting members were in attendance plus six (6) guests. Guest speaker Sandi Mowat was presented with flowers and a “rubber chicken” dinner, as the Local honoured her on her retirement. Sandi has been a Local 10 member for over 35 years.

August 22nd, 2017 – CHANGES AT HSC

In accordance with Memorandum of Understanding #9, the Employer has provided MNU with 90-day notice for the Health Sciences Centre.The following areas will be impacted….

The Public Services Sustainability Act (Bill 28) and The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (Bill 29)

What does this bill do?
What happens when our current agreement expires?
Does the bill affect pensions or pre-retirement leave?
How is MNU responding?
When does the bill come into effect?
How does it affect nurses?
What are representation votes?


Since April 2013, our members have experienced significant errors with the new payroll system. It is your responsibility to ensure your paystubs are accurate. Please check them regularly.

If a nurse has a question about his/her pay statement and, in particular, THE MNU DUES deduction observed in pay period 23, please contact: HR Shared Services at (204)940-8500 (Option #5)

If the Local can be of assistance please email us at or call 204-783-4338




As the provincial government continues its program of health care cuts and changes throughout Manitoba, MNU is providing updates as new information is made available. Subscribe to The Pulse – MNU’s weekly newsletter – to get all the latest news by contacting MNU’s membership department at

Rural Update

The provincial government appears to be planning significant consolidation of health care services in rural regions. However, the details largely remain secret, as no official announcement has been made outlining which facilities may be affected.

Shared Health – a newly created provincial organization – is currently reviewing regional proposals for health care consolidation. Already, Prairie Mountain Health has overseen the closure of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) stations which has caused public backlash. However, it’s unclear what further changes will be implemented, or what impact they may have.

In June, the provincial government released its “Health Care Transformation” blueprint, which outlined in broad policy terms what goals and objectives it hopes to achieve provincewide. However, specific consolidation plans were not disclosed; the announcement appeared to serve as a stop-gap for delaying the revelation of new information to potentially impacted communities and stakeholders.

WRHA Update

After several months of delay, the provincial government and WRHA finally released its timeline for Phase II of its health care transformation plan on May 31, 2018. Unfortunately, the plan still calls for major cuts and changes, including the closure of the Concordia and Seven Oaks Emergency Rooms. Some changes including mental health consolidation are scheduled to go ahead in the fall of 2018 but most major changes have been pushed to spring and fall of 2019 respectively. A list of changes as provided by the WRHA is provided at the end of this article.

Two weeks after revealing its Phase II timelines, the WRHA and provincial government announced that the Concordia Emergency Department will be converted into a “connected care” walk-in clinic, which will open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. As a result, the WRHA anticipates the facility will serve “up to half” as many patients as the facility currently does. This is by definition a half-measure that will dramatically reduce care options for the facility’s catchment area and the surrounding communities.

Changes to staffing levels at affected facilities have not yet been announced. The employer is required to provide notice of 90 days in advance of initiating an employment security process.[WP2] As soon as notice is provided, MNU will communicate to affected members.

If Phase II continues as planned, it would follow the closure of the Mature Women’s Health Centre, four Quick Care Clinics, the Misericordia Urgent Care Centre, and the Corydon Primary Care Centre. In addition, Victoria Hospital has lost vital services including their Emergency Room and ICU, while HSC nursing positions including Clinical Nurse Specialists in the Trauma and Burn units, IV specialists, and lactation consultants have been cut.

MNU will continue to oppose these cuts and changes publicly by lobbying the government and the region to reconsider this initiative and will continue to ensure that nurses’ rights are protected and the provisions of the collective agreement are respected.

Phase II changes as provided by WRHA:

Concordia Hospital
•Will continue its role with orthopedic surgery.
•ED closes June 2019.
•Inpatient care will focus on community hospital medicine and rehabilitation. (sub-acute).
•Post Acute Neurosurgical Unit moves to Concordia.

Grace Hospital
•The new emergency department opened May 29 is triple the size and will accommodate nearly double the number of patients as the old department each year.
•Mental Health: will move from Grace and Seven Oaks Hospitals into HSC, St. Boniface and Victoria late fall/early winter.
•Increase in surgical activity including orthopedic trauma in January 2019.

Health Sciences Centre
•HSC will continue to focus on providing trauma burns and neurosurgery specialty care to the most seriously ill and injured patients in our province.
•Intensive care (ICU): HSC will expand to accommodate services previously at Concordia and Seven Oaks August, 2019.
•Mental Health: will be concentrated at HSC, St. Boniface and Victoria hospitals fall/winter 2018/19.
•Surgery program activity will increase.

Seven Oaks Hospital
•Emergency: Seven Oaks converts to Urgent Care in September 2019.
•ICU: services shift out of Seven Oaks to HSC.
•Medicine: Seven Oaks converts to community hospital medicine and transitional care. (sub-acute).
•Rehabilitation and Geriatric services continue.
•Surgery: shifts from Seven Oaks to other sites in January 2019.
•Mental Health: consolidates Seven Oaks into HSC, St. Boniface and Victoria.
•Continues to play an important role in Renal Care
•Endoscopy: exploring options to expand.

St. Boniface Hospital
•Emergency: St. Boniface emergency department requires a number of upgrades to keep its design and function in line with the other acute sites. Majority of improvements completed June 2019 with final completion by October 2019.
•ICU: intensive care expansion (ICMS)
•Mental Health: consolidates from Grace and Seven Oaks into St. Boniface, HSC and Victoria in fall/winter 2018.
•Cardiac bed expansion summer 2019.

Victoria Hospital
•Mental Health: consolidates from Grace and Seven Oaks into Victoria, HSC and St. Boniface fall/early winter.
•In order for Victoria to welcome its new role in the mental health program, renovations are underway within the facility with an anticipated occupancy and move-in this fall/early winter.
•Continue with Day Surgery program.
•Shift to Urgent Care has been successful.
•Transitional Care will be converted to community hospital care (sub-acute)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Article Misrepresents Nurses’ Concerns

As Published in the Winnipeg Sun June 4th, 2018….

WEAR WHITE ON WEDNESDAY CAMPAIGN, To Continue To Raise Awareness About The Cuts to Health Care And To Stand Up For Safe Patient Care



PICU In White


2018 Bargaining Update MAR 6, 2018



On behalf of the Manitoba Nurses Union, thank you for your many years of dedicated service to Health Sciences Centre 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 55 Years of Service…..

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Recovering Nurses United RNU

Private and Confidential Support group for all nurses in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions or wanting help and support with related problems.
Not affiliated with any professional associations or organizations.
For further info contact:

Reminder to all nurses

Please check your pay stubs regularly. With the new payroll system we have had many issues and errors including overpayment and underpayments. It is your responsibility to check and ensure the stub is correct. There are time lines outlined in the Collective Agreement that must be adhered to in terms of recouping losses on both sides. Seniority hours, Vacation Entitlements and Pension Benefits can be affected by errors. Please ensure accuracy of your pay statements.


Be sure to ask the mandator these questions
• Confirm the person who is mandating you is out of scope, ie, Supervisor, Manager, NOT CRN or timekeeper
• Confirm that you are being mandated and for what length of time
– Determine if you are physically/mentally able
– Remember you will have to prove/justify inability
• Confirm/question that all avenues have been exhausted
– Anticipated or unanticipated need?
– No ability to redistribute resources?
– Already offered as voluntary overtime to appropriate personnel?
Please complete Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime Form and forward to Local 10 office
For additional information please look under “MEMBERS” Heading, for drop down “Mandatory Overtime”




Missing entitled break time, stealing time from the Employer…..



From: Sandi Mowat, President
Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2017
Re: Exercise caution when posting on social media

Members across the province are experiencing the first-hand effects of the government cuts to front line health care services. Understandably, this is leading to frustration and anger.
We must caution you to please be mindful of what you post on social media. The repercussions from “speaking your mind” on social media can be far-reaching. It can result in disciplinary action. In extreme cases, it can lead to termination by the employer or the revoking of your license by the College.
We encourage you to contact the MNU provincial office if you have any questions or concerns. In the meantime, please read our article Exercising Caution when posting on Social Media

Respectful Workplace Complaints; Harassment Complaints

Read More……

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