What nurses need to know about Grievances can be found in Article 12 of our Collective Agreement.

Grievance outlines a method of managing disputes between a nurse or nurses, or between the Union and the Employer regarding application, interpretation or alleged violation of the Collective Agreement. There are multiple stages in the process, time lines are indicated with each step of the process.

Arbitration results in the event of the failure of resolution in the grievance process. Information on the arbitration procedure is outlined in Article 13 of our Collective Agreement. Members should be aware that arbitration recommendations are binding to the parties.

The Grievance Investigation Process is newly negotiated method of dealing with grievances in the workplace. Arbitration is a stressful and costly process that is often very lengthy as well.

The Grievance Investigation Process is intended to attempt a more prompt and economical resolution of these grievances. This is a voluntary process.