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Please visit the Putting Patients First Campaign Site Tell your MLA how critical nurses are to your care.
The role of Local 10 is to provide information and support to our members. We also work jointly with our Employer to ensure the Collective Agreement is interpreted and implemented in accordance with its provisions.

This Thursday May 21 Watch Facebook Live With Darlene Jackson

MNU President Darlene Jackson will be answering questions from members during MNU’s first Facebook Live broadcast this Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm.

As physical distancing measures continue, it’s a great way to take part and stay engaged with your union!

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A Message To Fellow Nurses At HSC
We have been called Heroes and there has been parades of recognition.
Children want NURSE action figures!
The Pandemic has highlighted the work nurses do – the risks we take to provide care, the challenges of providing care in difficult circumstances.
Ultimately we are human beings doing our best in uncertain times and situations.
We ask only for respect, honesty and recognition for the difficult work we do and the sacrifices we make to do it.
These are unusual circumstances and times. It isn’t a time for real celebrations, but it is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife as well as Nursing Week, so please recognize one another with a smile (under your mask) a kind word or gesture, perhaps a nod of understanding  but take a moment to know that the world is truly a better place because all of you are in it doing what you do.
Thanks for everything you do now and always!

In solidarity
Your Local 10 MNU President
Lana Penner

MOA on Redeployment Measures

As the health care system prepares for and responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, many steps are being taken to ensure adequate staffing levels in facilities across the province. This includes measures that are designed to an ensure effective response by allowing employers to redeploy staff to areas of highest need, and still respect the terms of the existing collective agreements and provide for additional compensation to affected staff as required.
Please be advised a Memorandum of Agreement has been reached regarding the redeployment of staff within or between employers. This agreement has been reached with multiple health care unions, including MNU. Click here to read a draft copy of the MOA.
Specifically, the MOA is intended to provide clarity to members regarding the terms of a temporary transfer situation. Please note the MOA is now in effect and will continue in the event a public health emergency or disaster is declared by the government. As per point two (2) of the MOA, members will be continued to be protected by the terms of their collective agreement and the MOA in the event of an emergency declaration.
The MOA ensures that all MNU members will be afforded financial protection and compensation for disruptions related to a temporary transfer. For example, affected staff will receive a work disruption allowance, including for situations where the change in commuting distance is less than 49 kilometres. Additional protections include guarantees for meals and accommodations as required, and reimbursement for mileage at a rate commensurate with the terms of the collective agreement. Please read the MOA for more information.
At this time, the provincial government continues to advise that the risk to Manitobans remains low, and significant redeployment has not yet occurred. However, this remains a rapidly changing situation, and therefore every measure must be taken to ensure employers and staff are prepared for redeployments as necessary.
On behalf of MNU, we thank you for your commitment to caring during this difficult time. The health care system needs you, and Manitobans are counting on us to be part of an effective response. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and the union representatives will be available to assist you as required.

MOA Redeployment of Staff COVID-19


Effective January 1st, 2020 dues increase…..


results are in…….


The Employer has recently circulated a memo to all staff nurses regarding voluntary payout of summer vacation. Please be advised you would be paid out your vacation time, but would be working at straight time rates. Please contact your Union if you have questions or concerns.

Spa Day

Members at the Provincial Annual General Meeting Moc Government for nurse recruiting ad

Wpg General Strike 100th Anniversary – The Solidarity Forever Parade

As part of the Winnipeg General Strike 100th Anniversary Celebrations

MNU Responds to Budget 2019

The Pallister government’s 2019-20 budget does not address the major challenges facing our health care system…… more

Employment Security Notice Update – October 12, 2018

HSC MNU Local 10 has been advised that the FOLLOWING UNITS will be receiving deletion notices.

WRHA Phase II Changes at HSC update

September 28, 2018 Memorandum to members

August 22nd, 2017 – CHANGES AT HSC

In accordance with Memorandum of Understanding #9, the Employer has provided MNU with 90-day notice for the Health Sciences Centre.The following areas will be impacted….

The Public Services Sustainability Act (Bill 28) and The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (Bill 29)

What does this bill do?
What happens when our current agreement expires?
Does the bill affect pensions or pre-retirement leave?
How is MNU responding?
When does the bill come into effect?
How does it affect nurses?
What are representation votes?


Since April 2013, our members have experienced significant errors with the new payroll system. It is your responsibility to ensure your paystubs are accurate. Please check them regularly.

If a nurse has a question about his/her pay statement and, in particular, THE MNU DUES deduction observed in pay period 23, please contact: HR Shared Services at (204)940-8500 (Option #5)

If the Local can be of assistance please email us at or call 204-783-4338



WCB: Documenting exposure to patients who are positive for Covid-19

In order for ease of process if a WCB claim is pursued, MNU is advising all members to document any and all direct interactions with patients that have been confirmed to be positive for Covid-19.
If you are confirmed to be positive for Covid-19, and believe you have been exposed in the course of your work as a nurse; and require time off from work or medical attention due to illness, you must report this to your employer and contact the WCB.
The WCB will need to confirm that you had direct contact with a patient that is/was positive for Covid-19, in the course of your work as a nurse. Therefore, documenting exposure will assist in the adjudication of the claim with the WCB. We encourage nurses to consider these guidelines where they may come into contact with COVID-19 patients, in order to ensure ease of process if a WCB claim pursued:
Wear personal protective equipment provided by the employer. However, if you feel necessary on reasonable basis, that the equipment is insufficient and poses a safety hazard, notify the employer immediately. If the situation is not resolved by the employer, workers may wish to consider exercising their rights under the workplace safety and health act. A link for additional information for unsafe work refusal can be found at the following link:

If you make direct contact with a patient who tests positive for Covid-19, report to your manager, complete a RL6, and include the following details:

document the date of direct exposure
the department that you work in
the care you were providing to the patient
the personal protective equipment you were utilizing

If you miss time from work or seek medical attention, report to your manager and contact WCB to report the claim.
We hope this information is of assistance during this difficult time. If you have questions or concerns about your rights as an employee, please contact your MNU Labour Relations Officer or Union Representative for assistance.

2020 Board Election Results

to Katie Stark elected as HSC Local 10 Provincial MNU Board Representative


Quick Facts On Form Changes…..
Workload Staffing Problem-Solving Process…..
The How to…….

Improving Care with Workload Staffing Reports

Have you used the workload staffing report? Watch the video below to learn more about the importance of WSRs for addressing workload issues and improving patient care.

Posted by Manitoba Nurses Union on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

MNU President Darlene Jackson Responds to Phase II Position Deletions

The following statement was provided by MNU President Darlene Jackson on September 11…..

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Article Misrepresents Nurses’ Concerns

As Published in the Winnipeg Sun June 4th, 2018….

WEAR WHITE ON WEDNESDAY CAMPAIGN, To Continue To Raise Awareness About The Cuts to Health Care And To Stand Up For Safe Patient Care



PICU In White


2018 Bargaining Update MAR 6, 2018

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Recovering Nurses United RNU

Private and Confidential Support group for all nurses in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions or wanting help and support with related problems.
Not affiliated with any professional associations or organizations.
For further info contact:

Reminder to all nurses

Please check your pay stubs regularly. With the new payroll system we have had many issues and errors including overpayment and underpayments. It is your responsibility to check and ensure the stub is correct. There are time lines outlined in the Collective Agreement that must be adhered to in terms of recouping losses on both sides. Seniority hours, Vacation Entitlements and Pension Benefits can be affected by errors. Please ensure accuracy of your pay statements.


Be sure to ask the mandator these questions
• Confirm the person who is mandating you is out of scope, ie, Supervisor, Manager, NOT CRN or timekeeper
• Confirm that you are being mandated and for what length of time
– Determine if you are physically/mentally able
– Remember you will have to prove/justify inability
• Confirm/question that all avenues have been exhausted
– Anticipated or unanticipated need?
– No ability to redistribute resources?
– Already offered as voluntary overtime to appropriate personnel?
Please complete Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime Form and forward to Local 10 office
For additional information please look under “MEMBERS” Heading, for drop down “Mandatory Overtime”




Missing entitled break time, stealing time from the Employer…..

Respectful Workplace Complaints; Harassment Complaints

Read More……

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