Disability Management

If you go off work due to illness or injury you must:
  • Get a medical note and send to (OESH) Department of Occupational and Environmental health.(6th floor Isabel Stewart Building). Medical notes should NEVER be given to the manager. The OHN or disability manager from that department will be in contact with you.
  • Notify your manager of the dates you will be away.
  • If you are going to be off for any length of time, you need to complete a LOA form. At this time you also need to make arrangements with the Benefits Department to prepay your benefits and or parking.
  • At approximately the 8 week mark, the benefit department will send notification to HEB, who will then send out documents that require completion by yourself, your physician, and your manager.
  • When you are ready to return to work, a medical note is required from your physician stating that you are ready to return to work and listing any restrictions you may have. The medical note MUST be clear and concise. The best form to use is a modified duty form.
  • A meeting will be set up with the Disability Management Team to initiate your return to work program, which is meant to be safe for you and your patients.
  • Return to work programs can be as little as a couple of weeks or up to several months.

Absence from Work Employee Responsibilities and Procedures

Disability Management Team Consists Of:

  • Union representative
  • Disability management person
  • The unit manager
  • MPI/WCB /HEB representative if available

This team aids nurses in a smooth and safe return to work after a medical leave.