Reminder to all nurses.

Your contact information, such as name, address, telephone numbers (home and cell), Unit of work and email address is very important to Local 10. This is the best way to ensure you receive important information about your Union and workplace. Your employer does not provide your information changes to us, so we need you to help us keep our records up to date. Contact Local 10 at with any required changes. All information is personal and respected. We do not share with outside organizations.

Important Member Information

If you receive a letter from Human Resources regarding:

1) Letter of Investigation or Discipline

This letter is given to members to call them to a meeting with a Human Resources consultant and their Manager of Patient Care. The letter will indicate that should you choose, a Union rep is available to support, accompany and represent you. It is the members’ responsibility to inform the Union office at 204-783-4338 and speak with the President or Vice President to make arrangement for said representation. Also a message can be left on voice mail or be fielded by Sandra Moffat Executive Assistant.

As a Union, we believe it is in the members’ best interest to have their Union present to represent and we encourage our members to contact us as soon as possible to confirm arrangements.

2) ASAP – Attendance Support and Assistance Program

If a member receives a letter about the ASAP program and are invited to a meeting with Human Resources or Manager of Patient Care, the Union recommends contacting our office at 204-783-4338 to secure representation at these meetings. It is your right and we do want to be there to support you.

What is the Attendance Support and Assistance Program or ASAP?

Developed with the goal to assist Employees to achieve regular attendance at work. It is non disciplinary in nature. Its purpose is to provide a consistent approach to monitor, evaluate, discuss, document, report and follow up Employees attendance with a plan to improve attendance.

Managers and Human Resources regularly review attendance records on Employees and if an Employee Attendance record indicates that they fall below HSC’s comparator rate of 6% in a quarter or 12÷4=3 months or over an 8-12 week time period, an Employee may be started on the ASAP process.

Individual circumstances must be taken into account when assessing or proceeding on the Steps of ASAP.

Step 1 – Initial meeting – communicate the concern
Step 2 – Formal attention to attendance – involves a review of attendance since last meeting, an offer of EAP which is confidential. A record is kept in an Employee file
Step 3 – Notice of possible termination if no improvement
Step 4 – Assessing ongoing viability of employment

Frustration of contract is the language Employers use and will result in loss of employment.

Employee should file all support documentation of chronic medical conditions, Dr. notes, etc. at OESH – 6th floor Isabel M. Stewart on McDermot Ave. All staff have files kept at OESH and all medical notes and certificates should be taken to OESH and filed there for the record.

What does 6% look like?

ScheduleHours Per YearShift Amount
Full Time EFT120.9 hours/year10 – 12 hour shifts or 15 – 8 hour shifts
.9 EFT108 hours/year19 – 12 hour shifts or 14 – 8 hour shifts
.8 EFT96 hours/year8 – 12 hour shifts or 12 – 8 hour shifts
.7 EFT84 hours/year7 – 12 hour shifts or 10 – 8 hour shifts
.5 EFT60 hours/year5 – 12 hour shifts or 7 – 8 hour shifts

Respectful Workplace Program

– Pertaining to WRHA policy 60.10.040

All WRHA staff are entitled to a respectful work environment free of disrespectful behavior including discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, personal harassment and workplace violence.

If you are struggling with a respectful workplace issue or have questions please call or email our office to discuss and review and also to lodge a complaint. We can provide you with the policy and a complaint form but also to support you through the process. It is the Employers responsibility to develop, implement and communicate fair and timely procedures which address allegations or concerns in regards to disrespectful behavior. It is their responsibility to investigate and deal with issues in a timely manner. Meetings will be held with a Human Resources representative to discuss concerns privately with the member with Union presence.

Further intervention and resolutions which may include mediated or facilitated meetings with complainant and respondent if deemed appropriate and or helpful. The investigation and discussions should be addressed within 90 days. A grievance may be filed on behalf of the member/complainant if the Employer is perceived to have condoned or failed to end the harassment/abuse on behalf of respondent, or if it is perceived that discipline imposed is unfair and unreasonable.

Work Situation Report (WSR) sometimes referred to as Work Overload

Per the most recent Collective Agreement, a joint Committee has been formed to review and refresh and possibly streamline the WSR as we have heard from our members that these reports are labor intensive, and do not always apply to a specific area. MNU provincially has done a lot of research on WSR’s and in the most recent Collective Agreement, both the Employer and the MNU have renewed and refreshed the language and commitment to the process of addressing nurse’s workplace concerns.

Please download the Nursing Workload Presentation (pdf).