Social Media At Work


We understand that Facebook is a way of communicating with friends and family.

  • Nurses need to be aware that any blogs no matter how innocent, may be deemed inappropriate by someone else.
  • Often when you are on Facebook, you might comment on a status update and anybody can view, respond and print off this conversation. We encourage members to remove any acknowledgment of where you work from your Facebook profile, as this could identify where you work, patients, patients families or co-workers.
  • If you make statements that are derogatory or inflammatory and an investigation finds a nurse responsible for their actions, human resorces may discipline the individual. The discipline for Facebook comments range from a letter of direction up to and including suspension or termination from the center.

Did You Know?

When you access computers at work, the use of that computer is being monitored by EHEALTH, and at any given time they can pull up records of who was on the computer and what was being viewed.