Our History

HSC or Local 10 applied for our 1st Labour Board Certificate on June 19, 1973 for all RN’s (only) at Health Science Centre. The first collective agreement found in our archives was dated August 3, 1973 – February 28, 1975.

Some highlights include:
Nurse II salary was $3.70/hr – $4.60.
A point of interest in the Collective Agreement states “no payment of overtime for occasional overtime periods of less than 15 minutes per day”.
Management had plenty of rights including:

  1. Direct the work of employees
  2. Hire, promote, demote, discipline, suspend and discharge for just cause or to increase/decrease the working force
  3. Assign to jobs, transfer Employee from job to job and to designate place of work
  4. Determine the method, duties and schedule of work to determine job content and classification
  5. Determine the number and classification of Employees and any work station
  6. Make, alter and enforce rules and regulations
  7. Establish standards of practice of volume, level or gravity of work performance
  8. Subcontract work as required

We’ve come A Long Way!!!

Get Involved!

At MNU we believe it is important to know your Union and its role in your work life. We encourage our members to attend union sponsored events like educational opportunities, but to also know your Collective Agreement. It is within the Collective Agreement that nurses are empowered and it holds many opportunities, rights and responsibilities – really, get to know it!

Union activism is empowering. There is strength in knowledge and in solidarity; be active in it. It’s your Union!

  •  Know your contract.
  •  Know the members/Executive of your Local.
  •  Attend meetings, General, Special, Ratification, Annual General Meeting for both the Local (ours usually held in March) and the Provincial AGM usually held in May.

Nursing at HSC

HSC has many nurses of different classification and EFT. Including RN’s, RPN’s, Grad Nurses, NP’s and LPN’s working collaboratively to provide quality patient care within our campus, including the General Centre, Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Rehab Hospital and PsychHealth Centre. HSC’s campus covers several city blocks.