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Vacation Scheduling – Article 21

Vacation year at HSC is from May 1 to April 30th. Vacation is accrued in the year previous to taking it. Nurses may choose the day of the week that their vacation starts, but vacation must be taken in one week blocks with the exception of three (3) saved days. The entitlement lists, with seniority hours are posted by February 1st. Vacation scheduling appointments are mandatory and will begin by February 15th. If you miss your appointment you will be bypassed by the next appointments, essentially losing your place. All vacation will be booked at the appointment except the three (3) days that you may hold. However, these days have to be booked by January 15th of the vacation year or the employer will schedule these retained days. Book your vacation by the weeks on which you wish to have vacation not based on master rotations as master rotations can change.

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